The coffee table and dining table seen here were made from English Ash and English Maple. The dining table was sized to seat 10 people maximum, but also 4 people without them seeming to be too far away from each other.

I can make tables to any specification. Please get in touch for an idea of pricing as this is dependent on the design and materials.

A table and bench made from ash. They are made with “breadboard ends” which are tongue and grooved and pegged at the ends of the table top to ensure there is no movement in the timber.

This coffee table is made from English Oak, with strips of English Sycamore.


A small round side table made from English Cherry.


This small dining table is made from English Ash with a Birch Plywood base. The plywood gives it a modern look but it will still be very durable and stable. I carefully select my plywood boards to make sure they have no patches and have an attractive grain. The edges of plywood have an attractive pattern and come up very nicely with lots of fine sanding and many coats of Danish Oil.

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