About Ben


Designing and making furniture is, for me, an ideal balance of ideas, hands on craftsmanship, technical challenges, functionality and ultimately, satisfaction.

The idea behind my furniture is that you will enjoy its company. It is a friend for life. It must be functional, comfortable and stylish, but always friendly. I often like to leave some character of the tree visable. A knot, a crack, a “waney edge”. This is not to say the piece will be rustic, though its modern edge may be softened.



I was a freelance professional photographer.  It took me a while to realise that the advent of the digital camera changed everything. Clients quite rightly expected photographs to appear the same day they were taken – at the speed technology allows. I really missed the darkroom. Half of the creative process was gone. I would no longer spend time getting to know my photographs. I would stare at a screen for no longer than I needed to.

Furniture designing and making cannot be over in an instant and ideas continue to develop in the workshop. It is a career that cannot be digitized.